Alaska Aviation -  Consulting and Maintenance Services


Who We Are

KELL AERO is a Southwest Alaska based company that specializes in aircraft maintenance and logistical support services for the aviation industry operating in the Aleutian Islands and around the Kodiak island archipelago. Our aircraft and helicopter maintenance and logistical support services are focused on providing pragmatic and reliable assistance to General Aviation and 135 operators with a focus on safety and efficiency as the standards for successful flight operations in remote Alaska. 

We are experienced with Beechcraft, Cessna, Piper, DeHaviland, Astar, Robinson and other General Aviation and Part 135 airplanes and helicopters. We take pride in the work we do and the community partnerships we have built. Let us help you accomplish your mission by facilitating the Alaska connections you may need and the maintenance and operational supports you require to successfully accomplish your aviation goals.


Services We Provide

Operational consultation
Maintenance estimates
All general aircraft repairs and annuals
Parts procurement and installations
Flight system and Avionics upgrades
Ferry flight support services
Cargo flights
Aircraft inspections and appraisals